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Pricing for Madeira, Anna Maria, Clearwater, St.Pete, St. Pete Beach, Treasure Island, Indian Shores, Indian Rocks, Sunset Beach, Gulfport, Tampa Bradenton, Englewood, Siesta Key, Sarasota, Holmes, Longboat Key, Venice and surrounding Florida areas

Day or Afternoon Session

40 minutes

25 edited high resolution photos

Sunset Session

50 minutes

35 edited high resolution photos

Prices range from $199-$450 depending on location and time of year

 for exact pricing please message on or text at 812-239-25660

**Day or Afternoon Session and Sunset Session are referring to times of the day. The Sunset Session will start

40 minutes before sunset and end 10 minutes after. Sunset Session timing will depend on on the time of year.

Day and Pre-Sunset Sessions refers to anytime of day but the actual Sunset.

Optional time and photo add ons
(recommended but not required for groups of 10 or more, or if you would just like extra time and photos)

+20 minutes and +15 photos




Information for all sessions

  • Each session will have variety of shots with different backgrounds, angles, combinations, and poses. You can do your photos in a variety of combinations like self portraits, couples, candid, and group photos in a single session. They are your photos and your time! I usually end up talking over 400 photos per shoot.

  • Location is up to you! We can meet right outside your hotel/house or I can send you examples of some nearby locations. I also frequent park and downtown locations.

  • General editing like photo; lighting, color, and enhancement and the removal of; patrons, objects, and buildings is included. If you view my photos it often looks like there is no one else on the beach! 

  • Your pictures will typically take 2 weeks to edit, then I will send all of your high resolution pictures to your email. From there you can download, print, save, or send anyway you would like. Send your pictures to Walgreens, CVS, Shutterfly, Target, most offer a variety of products like canvas prints, calendars, and other photo gifts. If you have any issues, I’ll walk you through it!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What to wear? It’s up to you! Some people go formal while others wear pjs and swim suits. My favorite colors are white, black, khaki, and teal. Check out my picture albums to see all the outfit combinations other families have done as well. 

  • When's the best time to book? If you're on vacation I encourage you to book early as possible in your vacation, in case of bad weather we will have more options to re-schedule you before you leave!

  • Why does sunset cost more? With sunset you will get daytime and sunset pictures, and it takes a lot more time to edit those beautiful sunsets. I use special lighting equipment for sunset sessions and you receive more time and photos.

  •  My family is so burnt, can you edit that out? Everyone wants to get some color before their shoot but please be careful with sunburns! While I can edit sunburns out it’s a very, very, time consuming process so I charge a extra $30 if you would like sunburns removed from your photos.

  • When and how to pay? You can pay after your shoot is complete! I take Cash, Check, PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle. I do not currently take physical card.

  • Can two families (couples, etc.) split a session? Of course! I recommend you add more time and photos if you have more than total of 10 people but that's not required!

  • What will you be wearing so we can find you? I’ll be wearing a black shirt or sweatshirt that says Ella’s Photography LLC on it and I'll be carrying a large black camera bag. 

  • Can we bring cocktails? Of  course! It’s your time and your photos, enjoy yourself!

  • What if we need to cancel? Please let me know! I hope to continue to offer my services without the hassle of sending a deposit so please just message me if you can not make your appointment. No questions asked!

  • What about bad weather? Bad weather happens, but I’ll do anything I can to re-schedule your shoot before you leave. Of course there is no charge if the shoot can’t happen!



Indiana Sessions

starting at $250 - Please see my 

page for more information

Wedding and Event Pricing

please contact me for more information 

see my                                                           

for more pictures

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